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A New Vision for Martinez

Meet Sean

I am proud to call Martinez my hometown. Born and raised here, I have always known how special our city is with a close-knit community, beautiful outdoor spaces, and small town charm. 

For the first time in decades, we will elect a new Mayor. We need someone who will lead us in realizing our potential while tackling challenges old and new. We need a leader with energy, ideas, and creativity, but who also understands how to get things done.


Priorities for Martinez

Support for Local Businesses

We need to engage more with business owners and patrons, cut red tape, and support a vibrant downtown and citywide business community.

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Building for the Next Generation of Martinez

Access to housing is becoming an increasing challenge to the livability of our community, region, and state.

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Restoring our Waterfront and Marina

The closure of our pier and the marina’s continued state of disrepair is a tragedy and missed opportunity. We must revitalize this serene and essential amenity that provides enjoyment for all.

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Solving our Homeless Crisis

We need creative and long-term solutions. While Martinez is not unique in this situation, we have an obligation to work with the county and our neighboring cities...

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Improving Transportation

The City Council doesn’t need to spend $100,000 of taxpayer’s money on yet another downtown parking study when we know we need to modernize parking meters and create more spaces.

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